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The University of Winnipeg (UWinnipeg) is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the heart of Canada. Winnipeg is Canada's 7th largest city and capital city of the province of Manitoba, which has been ranked in the top three best large Canadian cities to live in and listed as one of the World's Greatest Places of 2021 by Time Magazine.

UWinnipeg is noted for its academic excellence, small class sizes, environmental commitment, and campus diversity. The university celebrated the 50th anniversary of receiving its university charter in 2017, but its roots date back more than 145 years.

Students attending the university benefit from a low student to faculty ratio and early, hands on, work and research experience. The university is highly accessible, offering the third-lowest tuition rates across Canada.

With nearly 10,000 students, 15 per cent of whom are international students from over 75 countries, UWinnipeg connects people from diverse cultures and nurtures global citizens. Located in a city where over 100 different languages are spoken, international students attending UWinnipeg can benefit from opportunities in the local job market. The university offers more than 400 high-quality undergraduate courses across 50 fields of study.

The campus is a mix of classic and modern environmentally conscious facilities. The Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex is one of the most innovative Science complexes in Canada. It features more than 30 state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories where students research and study the most challenging issues in society.

There is something for everyone at UWinnipeg including open green spaces, a rich array of arts and cultural activities, fitness facilities, and student groups. The campus's vibrant downtown location allows students to advance their education while benefiting from the wide range of shops and arts and culture scenes just steps away from the campus.

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What's new

What's new

Over the last ten years, the university has invested more than CAD 217 million in the construction of new facilities and renovation of its existing structures, including CAD 66 million towards the Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex, which attracts 2,000 students daily and features more than 30 state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories.

UWinnipeg also invested in the student residence building. McFeetor's Hall features modern, air-conditioned, dorm-style units with internet hook-ups, private washrooms, premium common areas, and meal plan options.

The Buhler Centre, across the street from the main campus, is home to the Faculty of Business and Economics, as well as classrooms for the Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) programs, the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, and Stella's Cafe.

The newly renovated AnX added over 11,000 square feet of space exclusively for PACE students, creating 168 new classroom seats, as well as open-concept study and lounge space, a quiet room, a boardroom, and staff offices.

The Axworthy Health and RecPlex is a multi-purpose sports facility featuring a large, multi-use turf field that can be converted into three cross-court fields for soccer, football and other field sports. There is also a four-lane sprint track, a gym, a studio for fitness activities, and lounge spaces for students or visitors.

A major capital campaign is currently underway for new library facilities on campus.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

UWinnipeg offers undergraduate students a large number of programs across four faculties. Arts is noted for psychology, human rights, criminal justice and theatre and film. Business and economics offer a BBA with concentration areas such as accounting, supply chain management, international business or marketing. Kinesiology offers a general stream or a science degree in athletic therapy. Science majors include biochemistry, physics, data science, environmental science, and neuroscience, among others.

The beauty of a small campus community is that the professors will get to know their students by name. UWinnipeg offers small class sizes, personal attention, and accessible professors all geared to help students excel. The estimated student-faculty ratio over a program of study is 25:1.

The best measure of a university's success is how current and graduating students rate the institution. 90 percent of graduates are satisfied or very satisfied with the education they received at the University of Winnipeg. Surveyed students and graduates have ranked UWinnipeg amongst the best of Canada's undergraduate universities. This illustrates the university's commitment to excel at teaching and supporting students.

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Department structure

Department structure

The University has six main faculties for its undergraduate and postgraduate students, including:

  • Arts
  • Business and Economics
  • Education
  • Graduate Studies
  • Gupta Faculty of Kinesiology and Applied Health
  • Science

As well as the 400 courses available across these faculties, the University also has other specialist programs that may be perfect for international students:

English Language Program (ELP)

The English Language Program provides high quality programs for students seeking to enhance English proficiency. ELP offers a 14-week General English program, a 4-week short-term intensive program, and a 7-week Canadian Workplace Experience program, as well as English language pathways to undergraduate, graduate and PACE programs.

Professional, Applied and Continuing Education (PACE) PACE offers specialized programs such as project management, human resources, big data, etc. in high-growth career fields with strong employment prospects. PACE provides unparalleled advantages including industry-aligned programs and small class sizes that continually evolve to meet the changing needs of the job market.

The Collegiate

The University of Winnipeg Collegiate is a high school at university offering grades 9-12 Canadian school curriculum. The collegiate is noted for its accelerated courses, dual credits, and a supportive learning environment that helps students reach their full potential, develop independence, and become mature, responsible individuals who are prepared for university and a life of continued learning.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

The language of instruction at the University of Winnipeg is English. In order to succeed, students must have a level of ability in English that allows them to participate in all aspects of university study. If English is not the student's first/primary language and they are not from an English exempt country, they must meet the minimum English language requirements listed on the university website.


  • IELTS - minimum overall score of 6.5 (no individual bands)
  • Duolingo - minimum score of 120
  • TOEFL - minimum score of 86, with no less than 20 in each component (internet-based test).
  • English Language Program at UWinnipeg: Successful completion of Academic Level 5
  • Cambridge Assessment English (C1 Advanced & C2 Proficiency) - Minimum score of 180
  • Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL & CAEL CE) - minimum score of 60
  • CAEL online- minimum score of 70
  • Pearson Test of English (Academic)- Minimum score of 58

Visit the university website for more details and to access UWinnipeg's English language requirement policy.

Students will also be required to provide relevant high school transcripts and other evidence of prior academic achievement when applying for their chosen course. The specific educational requirements will vary depending on the student's preferred subject.

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To ensure that students are able to learn and live in the best environment possible, the University of Winnipeg is equipped with contemporary facilities that are frequently refreshed, renovated or replaced. Students will learn in modern buildings with cutting-edge labs and equipment, as well as have access to extensive library resources to support their learning.

The university has its own residences for students including individual rooms and apartments for student families. These safe communities are the ideal places for students to live while they study, meeting likeminded others and forging bonds that will last a lifetime.

Recreation is covered too, as the university has a wide range of arts and cultural facilities including concert halls and live theatre performances, as well as contemporary sporting facilities both for personal use and for the university's own teams, which students can try out for if they wish to play competitively at a high level.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

The University of Winnipeg offers students multiple funding and scholarship opportunities, from entrance awards to in-course awards after the first year of study. Students also have the option to work part-time whilst studying or to enrol in one of the many work-study or co-operative education programs (co-op).

There are five main scholarships that are awarded to international students:

International Special Entrance Scholarship Program

CAD 1,000-3,000: new international students beginning their studies at UWinnipeg after graduation will be automatically offered the International Special Entrance Scholarship if they meet the set requirements. Applicants must have a final grade 12 admission average of 85 percent or higher and complete an application for admission before March 1st.

President's Scholarship for World Leaders

CAD 3,500- 5,000: this scholarship will be awarded to international students entering the first year of a UWinnipeg program with an 80 percent admission average or equivalent. Students will demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and must be admitted to the university by the scholarship deadline to be eligible.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Entrance Scholarship

CAD 2,250: IB Entrance Scholarships are awarded to students entering UWinnipeg for the first time with the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Students must have a grade total of at least 30, including the extended essay and the Theory of Knowledge course, with no grades below four.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program Entrance Scholarships

  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • AP International Diploma

CAD 2,250: is awarded to students entering UWinnipeg as an AP Scholar with Distinction having scored an average of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and scored 3 or higher on five or more AP exams, or completed the AP International Diploma.

In-Course Awards

After completing a year of full-time study, international students can apply for a range of awards and scholarships for continuing students.

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