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JMC 創意學院

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JMC Academy (JMC) is a leading Australian creative industries education provider focusing on nurturing and supporting creative talents through hands-on, collaborative programs.

Established over 40 years ago, this Australian institution delivers engaging and technologically sophisticated degrees and diplomas across multiple creative disciplines. This includes songwriting, audio engineering, film and tv production, acting, entertainment business, design (visual communications), animation, contemporary music & performance, music production, theatre production and game design. It also offers a Master of Creative Industries, a Graduate Diploma of Creative Industries, and a Certificate III in Screen & Media.

Students are taught by industry experts, inspired to create through collaboration and innovation, and able to use modern facilities to explore their interests in an engaging learning environment. Industry-relevant facilities include professional recording studios, cinema standard cameras, green screen studios and fully fitted rehearsal studios.

Its programs combine face-to-face classroom learning and practical, experience-based education. This provides a unique opportunity for students to apply their new skills and knowledge in a simulated work environment. Outside of lectures, students are assisted and encouraged to make industry connections.

Catering to the needs of creative and global industries, JMC was also the first private college to receive accreditation in the fields of Audio Engineering, Digital Television, and Digital Multimedia.

Students benefit from the inner-city locations of JMC's three campuses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. JMC's campuses are located close to creative and entertainment hubs suitable for both socialising and networking. Students are well connected to several entertainment venues, design studios, galleries, and convention centres.

In addition, they are also given opportunities to transfer between campuses during their studies.

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What's new

What's new

Music Theatre Course

JMC's Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) with specialisation in Music Theatre provides an immersive way of learning the principles of acting for music theatre, film, theatre, television and new media, giving students the diverse range of skills and the confidence to launch a sustainable career in acting and music theatre.

Specialising in music theatre is the perfect option for students who wish to incorporate increased musicality and traditional musical theatre techniques into their performance style. The course has been designed to emphasise the craftsmanship and discipline required for performing live and provides actors with a powerful foundation of skills that are beneficial across all dimensions of the acting industry. Available in Melbourne only.

Theatre Production Course

JMC's Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) with specialisation in Theatre Production provides students with the skills they'll need to excel across a range of industry roles in theatre, such as technical operator or stage manager, as well as roles in film like production assistant or production manager.

The college's collaborative learning environment is the ideal setting for building invaluable practical experience and industry-relevant expertise, ensuring that graduates can successfully navigate the challenges of working on set or behind the scenes.

Now taking expressions of interest for February 2024 (Sydney only).

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

JMC combines classroom learning and practical sessions to help students develop the right mix of skills needed for employment or self-employment after graduation.

Teaching accredited degrees and diplomas for over 40 years, JMC was also the first private college to receive accreditation in its audio engineering, digital television, and digital multimedia programs.

JMC's courses are designed in close consultation with industry experts to meet the current needs and demands of the creative and entertainment industries. Classes are kept small, with no more than 25 students and in some cases a 4:1 student to teacher ratio. This encourages close collaboration between students and lecturers, especially for practical classes.

This combination of small classroom learning and practical education in industry-standard facilities and studios prepares students for a real work environment.

JMC bachelor's degrees can be studied either as two-year accelerated or three-year programs. Students graduate with folios or showreels that allow them to showcase their skills to potential employers and stand out in the industry.

Outside the classroom, students are given exciting opportunities to make industry connections through internships and initiatives, take advantage of the academy's many industry partners, and transfer between JMC's campuses located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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Undergraduate creative programs include:


Students design and develop animated characters and environments, from initial concept to finished project.

Audio Engineering & Sound Production

Students explore the foundations of sound and audio production for music, film, animations and more.

Contemporary Music Performance

Equips students for careers as professional musicians, including growing their musicianship and live performance skills. Students receive individual music lessons weekly.

Entertainment Business Management

Students explore business and management skills within the entertainment industry.

Film and Television Production

Develops the skills required to create visual media and work on films, television, and large-scale broadcasts.

Game Design

Combines traditional art practices and animation with modern game design and interactivity, with electives in the areas of compositing, virtual reality and motion capture.

Music Production

Teaches students to write, record, produce and perform music on electronic instruments (EDIs). Students become fluent in DAW editing, arranging and mixing.

Design (Visual Communications)

Students learn how to create better user experiences through physical, digital or virtual spaces for a variety of platforms and media.

Song writing

The course creates strong, focused songwriters who can combine ideas and melodies effectively.


Students develop the skills and confidence to establish sustainable performance careers in a variety of performance media, locations and contexts.

Music Theatre

The Music Theatre specialisation is underpinned by rigorous actor training, coupled with intensive voice & musicianship development and dance.

Theatre Production

This course equips students with the skills necessary to excel in a range of industry roles.

JMC's graduate option: Master of Creative Industries

A tailored project-based course focused on developing the creative market leaders and entrepreneurs of the future.

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Entry requirements & scholarships

Entry requirements & scholarships

Entry requirements differ depending on the course applied for, with some programs requiring auditions and folio submissions.

As a minimum, international applicants must be at least 18 years old when they begin the course, have successfully completed a senior secondary school certificate (or equivalent), meet JMC's English proficiency requirements, and attend an interview.

JMC's Minimum English Language Requirements:

  • Undergraduate: IELTS (Academic) score of 6.0, with no single band score under 5.5, or equivalent
  • Postgraduate: IELTS (Academic) score of 6.5, with no single band score under 6.0, or equivalent

For more information about JMC's English language requirements, please click here.

Applicants who do not have the required senior secondary school certificate have the option to package their undergraduate program with the Certificate III in Screen and Media. Upon completion, students can then progress onto the undergraduate degree. Alternative entry via work experience in the creative industries may be considered too.

Students who successfully complete a JMC Direct ELICOS Pathway Partner's English for Academic Purposes (or equivalent) program will usually be considered for entry without requiring further English testing.

Scholarships & Funding

International students are eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships at JMC.

International Student Ambassador Scholarship Program

Students who are uniquely talented or high achieving (to be determined by the JMC Students Admissions team) will have the option to apply for the International Student Ambassador Scholarship program (tuition discount). Students identified for this program may be called upon to represent JMC or participate in JMC marketing activities on or off campus, or online.

Merit-Based Scholarship

Students achieving strong performance in the first two trimesters of study may qualify for fee reductions in subsequent trimesters, subject to maintaining minimum academic outcomes.

Master of Creative Industries Project Grant

The JMC MCI grant gives students the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to $3,000 to use towards the creation or marketing of their project.

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Each of JMC Academy's three campuses have modern industry facilities. Campuses are designed to provide creative and collaborative spaces for students to work in, either individually or in teams.

Its industry-standard facilities include:

  • Professional recording studios
  • 5.1 surround sound mixing
  • Digital and analogue recording consoles
  • Post production suites
  • Digital media and animation labs
  • Film and television studios
  • Professional, fully fitted rehearsal studios
  • On-campus auditorium
  • Green screen studios
  • Digital editing suites
  • Professional cameras and lighting

Each purpose-built campus is easily accessible by public transport and within walking distance of the city centre. Campus locations have been chosen for their proximity to major creative and cultural industries hubs and ensure students are close to a range of venues to enrich their personal and professional life.

All campuses have been strategically built in some of Australia's most diverse, culturally exciting precincts, easily accessible by public transport and close to the creative arts scene in Australia's largest capital cities.

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Graduate outcomes

Graduate outcomes

JMC Academy offers several initiatives and support services to ensure its students graduate with employable skills that are in demand.

Its practical courses are taught in professional environments, including industry-standard studios, editing suites and creative labs. Upon graduation, students will have created their professional folios and showreels to demonstrate their creative abilities.

JMC provides its students with ample opportunities for industry networking, including workshops and masterclasses, hosting industry events, and creating internship opportunities with local employers.

  • Industry partnerships include:
  • Australian Graphic Design Association
  • Queensland Music Awards
  • Woodford Folk Festival
  • Barunga Festival
  • Global Game Jam
  • Australian Music Week
  • And much more!

In addition to this, JMC offers an internship program to bachelor's degree students that places them in reputable companies during their studies. Upon completion of the internship, students will also receive course credits.

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At the JMC Academy
At the JMC Academy
At the JMC Academy
At the JMC Academy
At the JMC Academy
At the JMC Academy
At the JMC Academy
Industry Partnerships - JMC Academy- Australia


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