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Johnson and Wales University (JWU) is a private university with a main campus in Providence, Rhode Island, and a second campus in Charlotte, North Carolina with over 80 major degree pathways to choose from and a heritage of education lasting more than a century.

Originally founded in 1914 as a business school, JWU has since grown in size and reputation to become a diverse and forward-thinking institution. The university offers a comprehensive range of degree courses, distributed across six academic colleges and spanning a variety of academic and vocational subject areas.

The university is particularly well-known for its hospitality and culinary arts programmes and is proud to be recognised as the largest food service educator in the world. Degrees are accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education and are internationally regarded, making JWU graduates highly desirable employees in the United States and around the globe.

JWU has a highly diverse student population, with around 7,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled across their two campuses, and a further 1,200 distance learning students, who are able to access the university's high-quality curriculum from anywhere in the world.

The city of Providence is one of the oldest in the United States, founded in 1636 and with a rich and colorful history. It offers a fantastic student experience, with a mixture of historic and modern architecture, a thriving arts scene and plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants to support its lively student population of around 30,000. It is a safe and welcoming city, only 45 minutes from Cape Cod and Boston, and around 3 hours from New York City.

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What's new

What's new

JWU's Culinary Arts programme is the largest in the world and enjoys international acclaim for the innovative approach it takes towards education. The course is experimentally inspired and research-driven, while programme leaders are constantly looking for ways to enhance course content and improve facilities and technologies available to its students.

This year, JWU and the University of Rhode Island (URI) have jointly secured more than USD 270,000 in funding through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Higher Education Challenge (HEC) grant program, to support their research into food systems. The funding will be used to establish a shared Research Fellowship Program between the two universities, to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration experiences for undergraduate students and staff, and to promote the exchange of ideas and expertise.

The programme has a three-year lifespan, and includes 8 faculty research fellowships, for project durations ranging from one-two years, and the development of 40 problem-solving research experiences for undergraduate students. Research teams will comprise a minimum of 30 per cent underrepresented minority students.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

The Johnson and Wales University mission is to provide their students with an exceptional education that inspires professional success and lifelong personal and intellectual growth.

With over a century of experience, the university has steadily grown its teaching faculty in line with this mission. Teaching staff represent a diverse group of highly qualified professionals, who love what they do and can communicate their passion for their work to students from all international backgrounds.

Students benefit from mentorship from leading industry experts and gain a firm academic foundation based on oral and written communication, information literacy, critical and creative thinking and scientific reasoning. The applied nature of JWU's courses brings opportunities to put this learning into practice and integrate advanced thinking skills, alongside teamwork and leadership skills which make graduates highly desirable to future employers.

The U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks JWU in the Regional North's Best Colleges Overall, Best Undergraduate Teaching, and Top Performers on Social Mobility. This is largely due to the calibre of their expert and widely experienced teaching faculty.

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Department structure

Department structure

Johnson and Wales University is comprised of six academic colleges, through which it delivers its programme of over 80 individual courses.

  • College of Arts & Sciences

A cross-disciplinary college, where students develop methods of self-expression and analysis, moving readily between fields and developing their personal style and body of work.

  • College of Business

Here, students study a versatile programme of education, becoming well-balanced thinkers with analytical minds, experienced decision-makers and ethical leaders, through an innovative curriculum with an entrepreneurial approach.

  • College of Food Innovation & Technology

This college is truly at the forefront of 21st-century culinary education. A large and well-funded faculty, with industry-standard equipment, expert teaching staff and a research-driven curriculum.

  • College of Engineering & Design

Students at this college have cutting-edge opportunities in a number of rapidly expanding technical fields, with superb career growth potential.

  • College of Health & Wellness

In recent years, the US healthcare sector has grown almost twice as fast as the US economy. This college promotes a multidisciplinary approach, to position graduates effectively within this huge employment sector.

  • College of Hospitality Management

JWU is a global leader in hospitality education, with a range of degree programs which can fast-track graduates into key roles in this multi-billion-dollar global industry.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

The JWU application process is open to students from all backgrounds and anywhere in the world. Its admissions team carefully reviews all components of a student's application and selects those who are deemed to have the best chance of success at the university. Applications are assessed on an individual basis, and there are many alternative pathways to enrolment. To submit an undergraduate application, prospective U.S. students must provide the following:

  • Completed JWU application form
  • High school academic transcripts/mark sheets
  • College transcripts (for post graduate study or if applying for transfer credits as a bachelor's student)

JWU is test-optional but encourages submission of all test scores. Similarly, essays and portfolios are optional but may be included in addition to the mandatory application material.

In addition to these mandatory undergraduate admissions requirements, non-U.S. citizens must also provide:

  • Evidence of English proficiency, if applicable
  • Completed and signed International Student Financial Declaration Form
  • Certified bank statement or government sponsorship letter verifying financial support for one academic year
  • Copy of valid passport

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JWU's Providence Downcity Campus is a compact network of buildings in the very heart of the city, only a stone's throw away from its scenic and historic waterfront. It is a superb place to study, ideally placed nearby many of Providence's best attractions and local amenities.

The campus itself covers over 170 acres and nearly 2.5 million square feet, with 52 university buildings providing a multitude of functions from academic spaces, lecture theatres, classrooms, libraries, laboratories and offices, to recreational spaces, dining halls, residence halls, shops, and cafes. This campus is home to five out of six of the university's academic colleges, and is surrounded by restaurants, shops, bars, music venues and the picturesque waterfront of Providence.

The nearby Harborside Campus is home to the university's pioneering faculty, the College of Food Innovation & Technology and also the location for most post-graduate classes. It sits on 105 acres of land in the Narragansett Bay area and is a self-contained learning environment for students of the Culinary Arts. Residence halls are located throughout the local area, and there is a free shuttle bus service between campuses.

Estimates for annual living costs for undergraduate and postgraduate students are USD 18,760 per year and USD 14,822 per year, respectively. JWU also offers on-campus housing for postgraduate students.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

JWU understands that the cost of studying at higher education level can be prohibitive and works hard to provide suitable financial aid schemes to ensure that students can access the resources they need.

Undergraduate tuition rates are set at USD 39,792 per year, with an additional yearly International student fee of USD 1,386. ESL tuition is set at USD 5,250 per semester.

Postgraduate tuition rates are set as USD 2,526 per 3.0 semester credit class, where most programmes 10-12 classes, which makes a total postgraduate tuition cost of USD 25,260 to USD 30,312, plus an international student fee of USD 1,386 per year.

The university is proud to offer an International Presidential Scholarship to eligible international students to make sure students can achieve their academic goals in security and confidence.

This scholarship is only available to full-time undergraduate students, and is renewable for up to four years.

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Vishal Ojha
The professors and the teacher to student ratio.
強生威爾斯大學 強生威爾斯大學
Rated5/5based on1 student reviews
The professors and the teacher to student ratio. Customer reviews:
強生威爾斯大學 - by, 2020-01-29
5.0/ 5 stars
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強生威爾斯大學 強生威爾斯大學
Rated5/5based on1 student reviews
The professors and the teacher to student ratio. Customer reviews:
強生威爾斯大學 - by, 2020-01-29
5.0/ 5 stars



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