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Kingston University is an internationally regarded public research university located in south-west London, offering a comprehensive portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses with an educational heritage reaching back to 1899.

The university welcomes diversity, supporting a dynamic and inclusive population of around 25,000 students and providing them with a cosmopolitan university experience which includes a wide range of opportunities, resources and world-class support services.

Kingston University offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, spanning four academic faculties: Kingston School of Art, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education, and Faculty of Engineering, Computing and the Environment. Their impressive and progressive curriculum is designed in collaboration with the university's network of industry partners, ensuring that course content is continually updated, while relevant to the modern workplace. Students are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to transition smoothly into their chosen career pathway and are ideally placed to find competitive and meaningful employment within London's expansive job market, one of the largest and best-connected employment centres globally.

Studying a degree from Kingston University provides students with an internationally respected qualification which will open doors to many professional opportunities, and an exciting student lifestyle offering a rich landscape of social and personal experiences.

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What's new

What's new

Kingston University is a progressive and outward-looking institution, which works hard to campaign for global issues which are of social importance.

The rating is a great way for students to understand the outstanding quality that the university delivers across academic experiences, resources, support and engagement, as well as positive graduate outcomes and educational gains for leavers. In 2022, the university is proud to have achieved a Fairtrade University and College Award, in partnership with the Union of Kingston Students (UKS), becoming one of only 25 higher education institutions in the UK to receive this award.

This prestigious award is currently in its fifth year and encourages universities to establish strong and sustainable partnerships between the student's union, academic staff, and catering departments. The scheme involves active campaigning programmes, organised by student volunteers, who are recruited as auditors and trained with transferable skills which are applied to procurement of sustainable products and practices.

Kingston recently rolled out a brand new Future Sills programme, designed to address skill shortages in the country and promote future prosperity for the UK. The programme places Kingston students at the forefront of employability innovation, preparing them for a fast-changing world of work and equipping them for success. Integrated with their course curriculum and built on the university's in-depth research, it focuses on nine key attributes that have been identified as crucial for the success of future graduates.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Kingston University has a long-established history of teaching, with over 120 years of educational heritage to its name. Their academic faculty is comprised of a team of highly qualified and widely experienced professionals, representing an international community of tutors, mentors and researchers. University staff are expert communicators and are able to form effective working relationships with students from all walks of life. Many faculty members are involved in active research projects within their field, giving Kingston students a valuable opportunity to be informed by cutting-edge professional work, as well as to gain important insights into the world of industry beyond education.

Many courses involve work placements and provide internship opportunities, and the university organises an exciting programme of visiting guest speakers to inspire students to achieve their potential and pursue meaningful and impactful career pathways.

Student reviewers frequently praise the enthusiasm of their tutors and lecturers, highlighting their willingness to give time and guidance to individual students with many issues ranging from academic to personal.

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University academic structure

University academic structure

Kingston University's impressive portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses are delivered via the university's four academic faculties:

Business and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences combines the resources of the Kingston Business School and the School of Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences. The faculty encourages inquisitive minds, and strong critical thinking skills enabling graduates to challenge convention and succeed in a continually evolving professional environment.

Health, Science, Social Care and Education

The faculty is superbly equipped with industry standard resources and technologies, offering high-quality courses in life sciences, pharmacy, nursing, midwifery, social work, sports science, nutrition, education and research. The department prepares students for professional life, with plenty of hands-on experience and an interdisciplinary approach towards tuition, encouraging leadership and teamwork skills.

Engineering, Computing and the Environment

Formed in 2022, this faculty combines interdisciplinary research with partnerships between academia and industry. Courses are delivered through two schools: the School of Engineering and the Environment and the School of Computer Science and Mathematics.

Kingston School of Art (KSA)

This faculty is comprised of three schools:

The School of Arts, hosts the longest-established disciplines from the Kingston School of Art, architecture and fine art, joined by the disciplines of film & photography and the performing arts.

The School of Creative and Cultural Industries, delivers a diversity of theoretical and historical courses spanning many creative disciplines including art, design, fashion and film.

The Design School provides a rigorous programme of education, research and enterprise.

Students across the school are also able to showcase their best work in the KSA degree show, which brings together a vibrant community of artists, writers, performers and designers.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

A wide range of international qualifications are accepted for admission onto a course at Kingston University. Students might have formal qualifications, or they may demonstrate their suitability for a programme through previous professional, voluntary or personal experience. The university welcomes applications from a wide range of backgrounds.

The admissions team looks for each individual applicant's interest, ability and potential for success, taking into consideration skills and experiences beyond formal academic achievements. Courses are taught in English, so applicants are required to demonstrate a minimum level of English language proficiency before the start of their course, and all applicants must be at least 18 years on the 1st of September of the first year of their course.

Different courses carry different entry requirements. For example, some courses require the submission of a portfolio of work along with evidence of previous academic achievement. Prospective students are encouraged to consult the course-specific pages on the university website for full details. The university admissions team is available to contact all year round for advice and guidance.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

Kingston University is committed to ensuring that all students have the financial security required to complete their studies in confidence. The university recognises that the cost of study can be significant, especially in a London location, and runs a generous programme of scholarships and bursaries to support those in need, as well as providing opportunities for ambitious and hardworking students to offset the cost of study through their personal achievements.

Kingston University offers an International Scholarship scheme, which is very competitive and attracts thousands of applications every year. It is open normally twice per year for applications from Kingston University offer holders and is awarded to students who can demonstrate that they will be champions for the university..

Kingston provides a range of Faculty Scholarships available to postgraduate students, which are organised by specific academic departments. These are available to view online. There is also a loyalty award, available to any postgraduate student who previously completed their undergraduate studies at Kingston University, which is awarded as a 10 per cent reduction in tuition fees.

Financial awards are typically redeemable as a discount of the overall tuition fee amount, or as a non-repayable grant. For more information and up-to-date details of scholarships and bursaries, prospective students are encouraged to visit the university website.

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Graduate outcomes

Graduate outcomes

Kingston University is a research-driven university with a career-oriented approach. The university is passionate about the success of its students, and blazes a trail for improved professional training and employability for its students through initiatives like its new Future Skills Report. It also supports them in their career aspirations with a wide range of opportunities including study abroad programmes, free language tuition, the Kingston Award for extra-curricular achievements, and plenty of volunteering options and casual work through the Kingston Hub and Enterprise! scheme.

Their Career Department organises a busy timetable of events and workshops, focusing on employability skills, interview training, CV writing and much more. Guest speakers and networking events bring opportunities to directly connect with industry professionals and the university's expanded network of professional alumni, working in countless employment sectors across the globe.

This makes graduates highly informed and adaptable individuals, with a wealth of skills, knowledge and experience which makes them extremely desirable to prospective employers. The university enjoys an extremely high graduate employment rate, with 92 per cent of graduates in employment or further study within fifteen months of course completion.

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