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Discover OCAD University, Canada's largest and oldest art and design university! Founded in 1876, OCAD is a world-famous hub for art, design, digital media, research, innovation and creativity. Found in the heart of downtown Toronto, students can learn to use their creativity for today's challenges. Alongside a diverse and supportive team of instructors and peers, students gain employable skills that will help students get paid to do what they love.

The university is located in downtown Toronto's Entertainment District and right next to Queen Street West, the Art Gallery of Ontario and beautiful Grange Park. The university has twelve buildings in the heart of the city. Its campus is easily accessible by transit and surrounded by safe, walkable neighbourhoods.

OCAD U has more than 4,500 students and 17 undergraduate programs. Field placement and internship opportunities are available in almost every program. It has over 400 faculty who are practicing artists and designers in their fields. With small class sizes and technical staff in all OCAD shops and studios, students are more than just a number.

Just like any other university, OCAD U provides a supportive and fun campus life experience. Its campus includes a medical centre, library, plenty of chill-out space, food court and opportunities for intramural sports and social events.

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Latest News

Latest News

As prospective students likely expect, there is always something new and exciting happening at OCAD U, whether it be a gallery event showcasing the work of students, or a talk or creative session led by an external expert, or a social event arranged by the university to encourage the community spirit.

Many of the latest developments recognize the outstanding work and contributions of students and faculty alike, and some celebrate the diversity of cultures within the university. One such example is the award of the first ever '''BADG of Honor' Education Award, granted by the Black Artists & Designer's Guild, to OCAD U's Faculty of Design Dean Dr. Dori Tunstall at an event in New York City – demonstrating the powerful work and influence of one of the university's senior staff members.

Partnerships and collaborations are designed to help give students increased exposure. The recent Toronto International Festival of Authors – the largest literary festival in Canada – welcomed OCAD U students for the first time in 2022.

These are just a handful of examples of the thrilling opportunities for students at OCAD U, and the prestige and respect shown for the outstanding faculty team leading students through their programs.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Unlike universities which are broad in their appeal, OCAD University thrives as a specialist arts and design institution thanks to a combination of a narrowed focus, an exciting arts and design-centered location, and some of the best academic talent in each respective field.

As a student here, learners will benefit from hands-on studio learning. They'll have access to state-of-the-art shops and production facilities for both traditional and digital creation. As a result, students can get real experience while in the classroom.

To develop their perspective and critical thinking, students will also take courses in humanities, business, and science. Through this combination of courses, they'll begin to see, make, think, and do things differently.

At OCAD U, students will join a creative community: its faculty are all creative professionals with rich history in their fields. Within their courses, students will also be working independently and collaboratively alongside fellow artists and designers.

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Department structure

Department structure

OCAD University has three Faculties: The Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Design, and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Each faculty offers a range of unique and impactful study options:

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Programs

  • Creative Writing (BFA)
  • Digital Futures (BFA or BDes)
  • Indigenous Visual Culture (BFA)
  • Visual and Critical Studies (BA)

Faculty of Art Undergraduate Programs

  • Criticism & Curatorial Practice (BFA)
  • Drawing & Painting (BFA)
  • Experimental Animation (BFA)
  • Integrated Media (BFA)
  • Material Art & Design (BFA or BDes)
  • Photography (BFA)
  • Printmaking & Publications (BFA)
  • Sculpture/Installation (BFA)

Faculty of Design Undergraduate Programs

  • Advertising (BDes)
  • Environmental Design (BDes)
  • Graphic Design (BDes)
  • Illustration (BDes)
  • Industrial Design (BDes)
  • Material Art & Design (BFA or BDes)

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

All applications for admission are made online through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC). The only entry point is in September each year. The recommended deadline to apply for all programs at OCAD University is February 1. Applications may be considered after this deadline if space is available.

Offers of admission to OCAD U's programs are based primarily on the strength of the applicant's portfolio or writing sample. All offers are conditional upon meeting the minimum academic requirements and supplying all required documentation.

For a given application, most portfolios ask students to submit 8-10 pieces of finished work, alongside a sketchbook and statement of intent. See additional details and program-specific guidelines on the university's website.

Students from a non-English speaking country will need to provide successful results from an accepted English language proficiency test, as all courses at OCAD U are taught in English.

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Being a university that specializes in arts and design courses, based in Canada's new media capital, OCAD U is a university that offers state of the art learning spaces, studios and other facilities that will rival any professional space students may use in their future careers.

Indeed, the facilities on offer at OCAD U are designed to allow students to transition seamlessly into professional work, either launching their own career or working with some of the biggest names in the arts and design world. From classical studio spaces to contemporary digital resources, students will have access to everything they need to express themselves without limitation.

Other facilities offered by the university include an extensive library collection, a student union that serves as liaison between the student body and faculty, a fitness center, and various IT resources including a laptop program, which provides software licenses to students to use during their time at university (cost included as part of Student Fees Account).

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

Students applying for OCAD University will pay annual tuition fees along with other associated student costs for materials and IT software required for their course. As part of the visa application, international students in particular will be required to demonstrate their ability to pay these costs as part of their application process.

However, financial aid is open to all students, with various funding options that can provide a non-repayable fund to students based on achievements, need, or background. The eligibility criteria and application process for scholarships and bursaries can vary, as they are provided by various sources. Funding options for international students are very limited, so it is extremely important for students to have a solid financial plan in place for education-related costs and living expenses.

Students who wish to apply for financial aid are advised to check the website early, as many are competitive and require a detailed application. Students who aren't successful can get other forms of financial help from the university, including advice on finding work to fit around studies or assistance with budgeting.

Fees for studying at OCAD U are typically as follows:

Living costs – CAD 21,459.60

Tuition – CAD 28,000 per academic year

Compulsory Fees – CAD 1,918

Laptop Program Fees –CAD 370- 645.00, depending on program

Estimated fees are based on the OCAD University cost calculator.

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Experiential learning


  • $815
  • $815
  • $117
  • $257


The ambiance! You’re able to really focus on your work.
安大略藝術設計大學 安大略藝術設計大學
Rated5/5based on1 student reviews
The ambiance! You’re able to really focus on your work. Customer reviews:
安大略藝術設計大學 - by, 2020-01-29
5.0/ 5 stars
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安大略藝術設計大學 安大略藝術設計大學
Rated5/5based on1 student reviews
The ambiance! You’re able to really focus on your work. Customer reviews:
安大略藝術設計大學 - by, 2020-01-29
5.0/ 5 stars



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