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Seneca Polytechnic is a polytechnic based in the Greater Toronto area that offers a wealth of education programs including diplomas, undergraduate degrees, and graduate programs. As the leader of academic pathways among Ontario colleges, Seneca has 75+ transfer partnerships worldwide that are designed to lead directly into an undergraduate or graduate qualification – either at Seneca or elsewhere.

Seneca is a vibrant and contemporary institution with a focus on blending advanced research with hands-on, practical learning. Combined with a passionate faculty, Seneca study programs are engaging, relevant, and fulfilling for all students.

Seneca is made up of seven campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, each with their own specialities. The polytechnic offers a variety of learning options, delivering programs in four formats: online, in-person, hybrid, and flexible. Synchronous (including scheduled class times) or asynchronous (flexible learning) options are available.

Seneca has a diverse student population, welcoming international students from 150+ countries. There's a dedicated support team who will help students from abroad settle quickly and feel fully integrated in the college community.

Students at Seneca will enjoy a fantastic balance between outstanding academic opportunities and recreational activities. Toronto is packed with exciting cultural activities, restaurants, stores and more, while there's plenty around the campuses to keep students entertained too.

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Latest News

Latest News

Seneca Polytechnic is not an institution that stands still - it is constantly evolving and improving in order to offer students the best learning experience possible. As such there are always new partnerships being formed, new research being utilized in courses, and new investment in the facilities on offer.

In terms of facilities, a new multimillion-dollar center for health and wellness has been announced, transforming Seneca's existing sports centre into a fantastic new facility that is infused with indigenous design. The new facility is estimated to be ready for 2026.

New academic pathways have been announced for engineering students, with diplomas that lead directly to Queen's University in Ontario.

The polytechnic is even expanding internationally, with a partnership between Seneca and Al Ahly CIRA seeing the potential opening of two more campuses in Cairo, Egypt. These campuses will help reinforce Seneca's global reach and recognition as a provider of quality educational programs.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Seneca's facilities and learning spaces are of a high quality, but more important than that is the quality of the faculty employed to teach students across every course. They aren't just knowledgeable in their fields but respected too, thanks to the years of experience Seneca faculty bring to their subjects.

Seneca faculty are passionate – both about the area they work in, and in the way they deliver study programs to students. Courses at all levels are engaging, challenging and rewarding, with students feeling ready to tackle their next steps with a wealth of confidence after completing their courses.

Seneca's teaching quality also extends to the methods used. Students won't just rely on theory and textbooks, but will enjoy a healthy balance of theoretical and practical learning, along with some opportunities to gain field experience in the real world too. By the time students have completed their programs, they are more than ready for their further education or employment.

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Department structure

Department structure

There are thirteen main areas of study at Seneca Polytechnic, with courses grouped into one of these fields. Each one is led by a dedicated, experienced faculty team. The areas of study are:

  • Aviation – one of Canada's premier aviation schools.
  • Business – offering a wide range of specializations.
  • Creative Arts, Animation & Design – embracing a mix of traditional and new media.
  • Education, Community & Social Services – incorporating mental health programs, among other subjects.
  • Engineering Technology – contains courses designed to tackle real human challenges.
  • Fashion & Esthetics – offers state-of-the-art labs and studios.
  • Health & Wellness – incorporating care for humans and animals.
  • Hospitality & Tourism – joining alumni that are working around the world.
  • Information Technology – leading the way with software and business innovation.
  • Law, Administration & Public Safety – incorporating emergency service training.
  • Liberal Arts & University Transfers – featuring established pathways to partner institutions, including to the University of Toronto.
  • Media & Communications – offering courses focused on business and hands-on experience.

Science – giving students the chance to tackle real-world problems.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Due to the broad range of study options that Seneca Polytechnic offers, there are equally diverse entry requirements. These requirements fall into three main areas – academic requirements, non-academic requirements, and English requirements.

Academic requirements are those related to transcripts. The level required depends on the chosen level of study at Seneca, but students will need to provide evidence of their education including any relevant exam scores.

Non-academic requirements vary by course and may not always apply to a student's application. When they do, they can take the form of questionnaires, essays, tests, auditions, and/or a portfolio of prior work (especially for creative courses).

All courses at Seneca are taught in English, so international students must be prepared to prove their fluency with recognized test scores. Where students don't meet the criteria, acceptance into an English language course at Seneca is an option as a gateway to another course.

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Seneca Polytechnic has a wealth of facilities to ensure students get the most out of their education. These include course-specific tools and resources, giving students the opportunity to enjoy hands-on learning through the use of equipment and software that students will encounter in their future careers.

The Seneca Libraries are well-equipped with thousands of books and digital resources, giving students access to the information they require in order to complete their course. The libraries aren't just for borrowing materials – they also have IT equipment that students can use, along with study spaces for individual and group project work.

Seneca Polytechnic has its own residential accommodations available at Newnham and King campuses, with the Newnham accommodations being open to all students across the institution. The residences are comfortable, well-equipped, and, most importantly, in a prime location just minutes from Seneca's buildings. This allows students to feel safe and secure, as well as provides them with the ability to easily reach the places they need to go.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

International students applying to Seneca will be expected to provide proof of funds as part of their visa application, but that doesn't mean students must always fund their course themselves – some financial help may be available.

There are a number of scholarships and bursaries that are available to students, including some which are available to international students. These range in award value from USD 50 to USD 5,000 and are awarded for both academic achievement and financial need, opening up plenty of opportunities for students to get a share of the millions of dollars issued each year.

There is further funding support available at Seneca too. Students who need help with budgeting or financial advice can seek help from the support staff at the polytechnic, and there are schemes in place to help students find suitable employment opportunities to fit around their studies, including those that are best suited to international students.

Renewable Degree Scholarships

Open to students starting in the Fall, Winter or Summer semesters

  • For the Fall term the application opens July 15
  • For the Winter term the application opens Dec. 1
  • For the Summer term the application opens May 1


10th day of classes

Award Description

Full-time students starting in any of Seneca's full-time degree programs can qualify for a renewable scholarship based on their Grade 12 grades or grades from another postsecondary program.

Total four-year scholarship for one credential based on maintenance of grades:

  • 70% or 3.0 GPA+ - $2,000 ($500 per year)
  • 75% or 3.3 GPA+ - $3,000 ($750 per year)
  • 80% or 3.6 GPA+ - $4,000 ($1,000 per year)

The renewable scholarship is based on grades in continuing years of the student's program of study and the student maintaining full-time status.

Info :

For the following awards there are a limited number of awards and selection is made by the Seneca Awards committee based on award criteria.
Not everyone who applies will receive an award.

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Graduates driven by ambition.
Mechanical engineering
Computer Engineering
Electronics Engineering
program delivery
Generic program
Information technology


  • $815
  • $815
  • $117
  • $257


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聖力嘉學院 聖力嘉學院
Rated5/5based on1 student reviews
Customer reviews:
聖力嘉學院 - by, 2020-01-08
5.0/ 5 stars



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