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The University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) is a higher education institution delivering quality programs from Toowoomba, Springfield and Ipswich, Australia. It's a highly rated university, having been ranked as the 86th best young university worldwide by Times Higher Education World Young University Rankings 2022. It was also rated in the top 301 to 350 universities globally according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022.

As a QS 5-star rated university, UniSQ offers international students the opportunity to study in a research-intensive institution and enjoy all the benefits that the Australian student lifestyle has to offer. From an excellent quality of life to breathtaking natural landscapes, Australia provides a unique way of life for overseas learners.

UniSQ is home to a range of industry-standard and cutting-edge research facilities, allowing students to learn at the forefront of their subject area.

Graduates of UniSQ enjoy strong employability and excellent career support. These factors contribute to UniSQ ranking as Australia's number 1 in the 2022's Good Universities Guide for graduate starting salary.

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What's new

What's new

Using AI to protect against air pollution

Air pollution is now considered to be one of the world's largest environmental health threats. It's also a serious health concern for vulnerable members of the community, who need to know ahead of time if the air they breathe is becoming less safe.

University of Southern Queensland PhD candidate Ekta Sharma has designed novel artificial intelligence early-warning systems that help solve the problem by accurately predicting future levels of critical pollutants. Her novel AI early-warning systems can forecast the levels of particulate matter (PM), atmospheric visibility, as well as other pollutants such as greenhouse gases.

Dr Sharma expected AI systems such as those designed in her research would be utilised globally to help respond to the effects of climate change and natural disasters such as bushfires.

Of only five projects awarded Australia-wide, Dr Sharma was the only Queenslander to have been awarded a coveted fellowship by the Australian Government's Office of National Intelligence.

Teaching in the Time of Social Media Misinformation

At a time when Generations Z and Alpha are growing up with Snapchat and TikTok and other social media stimuli, constantly exposed to a rapid flow of information which is not always pleasant or even true, a team of researchers from UniSQ is set to undertake research into this phenomenon to see if they can come up with ways to help people make sense of what goes on online. The multidiscipline research team has been awarded an AUD 82,000 Education Horizon grant.

Associate Professor Hopkins, who leads the team, said: ''Given the immense presence of social media in modern society, navigating it safely has become a key literacy requirement. Our research will investigate how social media literacy training can potentially be weaved into classroom pedagogies to help middle school learners become active, informed, critical agents in a digital world.''

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Study options

Study options

At UniSQ, international students can choose from over 100 programs to enrol in, available on campus and online. Students can also benefit from UniSQ's flexible study options and choose how they study, at a pace that suits them.

UniSQ's postgraduate degrees come with the benefit of leading lecturers, flexible study options and strong industry partnerships which help students gain a competitive edge to launch their careers. Most of the university's degrees are professionally accredited.

Subject areas covered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels range from business and management, education and engineering to information technology, law, nursing, psychology and many more.

UniSQ believes in keeping up with the times and staying relevant, in terms of offering new and industry-required degree options, including those that equip students with skills that are considered essential in today's world. To this end, the university has introduced newer study options such as agricultural technology and management, environmental science, wildlife management and many more in allied health and other fields.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Students applying to UniSQ for admission to undergraduate degrees need to have completed the equivalent of an Australian Year 12 level. Certain degrees may carry additional entry requirements. Some creative arts programs may require the students to attend an interview or audition or present a portfolio of their work. It is recommended that students go through the information about each degree course for precise information. Students can visit the university's website to see the minimum entry requirements for different countries. Postgraduate admissions are based on the students having obtained a bachelor's degree from a recognized institution.

All UniSQ's programs have a minimum English proficiency score requirement as a prerequisite, obtained in a recognised test such as the IELTS. Other English tests recognized by the university, such as the TOEFL and Pearson's (PTE Academic), are also valid. All English proficiency test results should be no older than two years at the time of applying.

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UniSQ has a wide range of scholarship and funding options available for international students to help cover the costs of study. These can be in the form of grants, stipends, or payments toward tuition fees. Some of the scholarships on offer for international students are:

International PhD fee scholarship

UniSQ is offering International PhD fee scholarships for international students commencing the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in 2023. Applications are welcome, in all areas of research.

Students can connect with their supervisor to match their areas of interest with world-class research opportunities available at UniSQ. This scholarship is towards payment of the tuition fees for six semesters.

International PhD stipend scholarship

The University of Southern Queensland has instituted a number of stipend scholarships for international students beginning the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in 2023. This carries an award of AUD 32,000 per annum for a maximum period of three years.

International Student Support Scholarship

UniSQ is offering the International Student Support Scholarship to eligible students in 2023. Students who wish to study on-campus, external or online for their undergraduate, postgraduate or research program may apply for this scholarship.

This scholarship requires students to meet the entry requirements for the program of study and pass the courses in the program.

This scholarship carries a value equal to 20 per cent of the tuition fees for the duration of the study program and will come into effect as a reduction in the tuition fees.

Students can visit the university website for more information on other scholarships available.

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Student life

Student life

Student life at UniSQ revolves around the numerous clubs and societies on campus, which bring together diverse communities and provide opportunities for students to focus on something they are passionate about. Joining a club or society is not only a great opportunity for students to create lasting friendships and make memories, but also to build skills to further their career.

Student leadership

UniSQ seeks to empower students to build important leadership skills through participation in formal and informal activities and opportunities.

UniSQ's leadership workshops help students to identify and grow their personal leadership qualities, while enabling them to mobilise themselves and others for positive change. Leadership strengths can be put into action through roles within the university and the community.


UniSQ Sport aims to connect students who love health, sport and fitness and think of these as essential components of life. The top-notch sporting facilities at the university provide students with ample opportunity to maintain a healthy lifestyle while studying.

The Works health and recreation club, located at each of UniSQ's campuses offers a large range of activities, classes, and sporting options to help students reach their lifestyle goal.

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UniSQ has a wide range of accommodation options, in the form of residential colleges, for students to choose from. Concannon College, McGregor College or Steele Rudd College offer catered and self-catered options, organised social, cultural, and sporting events, as well as specific accommodation scholarships and academic support.

Each college has catered bedrooms and a common room to be shared between 10 and 20 people. Common rooms come equipped with television sets, couches, and basic kitchen appliances, such as a kettle, toaster, fridge, small convection ovens, rice cookers and more. All rooms have designated draws for food items and utensils, apart from basic kitchen appliances.


Students living in any of the residential colleges have access to excellent facilities to relax while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Large open grassed areas which can be used for a variety of sports are available at all the colleges, and Concannon and McGregor have volleyball courts. Recreation Halls also contain tables for table tennis, air-hockey, and pool.

The resident on-site managers and collegiate teams provide students living in the colleges a personal level of support, while assisting them with networking and companionship. There is also a College Wellness Educator (CWE) to enhance the wellbeing of the students through support, advice, and training to the staff.

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條件式入學申請時不需要托福、雅思測驗成績,省下準備考試的時間及花費,IDP帶你一次瞭解! 條件式入學的審核時間,一般約1-3周便可以知道審核結果,而且經常在開課的前2個月仍可以申請。非常適合有迫切出國需求的同學。

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澳洲面臨人口老化,護理人員不足的問題。澳洲政府為了吸引更多人投入護理工作,除了逐年增加護士的薪資外,更鼓勵國際學生就讀護理專業,例如護理、職業治療、物理治療等,希望畢業之後,可以留在澳洲從事護理工作。IDP專業顧問團隊不僅提供專業申請求學經驗,更享免代辦費優惠! 快把握免費講座機會,深入了解澳洲醫護科系求學相關經驗!

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2023 IDP 澳紐教育展 即將登場!

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