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Founded in 1871, the University of Central Missouri (UCM) is a respected institution offering a wide range of quality academic programs. The university strikes a balance between innovation and affordability – ensuring that more students can learn without compromising on the quality and relevance of each program offered.

The university has two campuses – one in Warrensburg, situated around 50 miles southeast of Kansas City, and another in Lee's Summit. There are also a number of online programs available for students who wish to enrol remotely.

Campus life is lively, energetic and engaging. There are over 185 student organizations that anyone can join, as well as 17 NCAA sports teams that students can either join or support during university life.

The university is also diverse and welcoming, with 50 countries represented across thousands of international students. Dedicated teams help to welcome international students to the university, supporting them throughout their time at UCM.

There are many other services offered too, covering everything from finance to careers advice, counselling to tech support. UCM ensures that it provides outstanding facilities and support so that all students can achieve their maximum potential.

With experienced faculty, small class sizes, contemporary facilities and equipment, a high-quality education is guaranteed for any student who has the drive and ambition to work hard when studying at UCM.

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What's new

What's new

The University of Central Missouri is constantly evolving and improving. By never standing still, it ensures that students always get the best education possible when enrolling on an academic program – one that reflects the latest research developments in the field, and that incorporates cutting-edge hardware and software so that all students graduate ready to immediately begin work in their area.

One of the best new additions to the university is the Skyhaven Aviation Center, which opened in September 2023. The USD 5.1 million addition to the existing Max. B. Swisher Skyhaven Airport will help to prepare aviation students to develop the next generation of aircraft and to be at the forefront of the aviation industry. It will also serve as a catalyst for growth in the region, as the university continues to support the surrounding areas.

The university is also widely regarded in a positive light by publications and ranking systems. In 2023, UCM climbed the rankings for Best Value Institution as determined by the US News & World Report, performing well in regional tables and making headway in the national rankings.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

UCM offers outstanding teaching across its 150+ high-quality academic programs, giving students excellent value for money and a great platform upon which they can build a successful career. All programs are taught using professional-grade equipment and led by faculty with genuine experience working in their respective fields – students are gaining insight and access to a wealth of experience alongside contemporary facilities that are continuously being invested in, year on year.

The quality of teaching is maintained through small class sizes – an average of 18 students per class means that each person is treated as an individual and given the appropriate attention and care needed to drive them to improve and succeed.

Students can also benefit from wider ways of learning, including placements in over 60 countries in which they can continue their studies as part of their program, broadening horizons and giving students a wealth of life experience alongside their academic achievements.

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Department structure

Department structure

UCM is divided into four colleges, and within each there are a number of schools related to specific subjects.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

This college includes the following:

  • Department of Communication and Digital Media Production
  • Department of English
  • Department of History
  • Department of Modern Languages and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Department of Political Science and International Studies
  • Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Studies
  • School of Visual and Performing Arts

College of Education

  • Department of Career, Technical, and Special Education
  • Department of Counseling and Educational Leadership
  • Department of Early, Elementary, Middle and Physical Education
  • Department of Educational Foundations and Literacy
  • Department of Educational Technology and Library Science

College of Health, Science and Technology

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Biological and Clinical Sciences
  • Department of Computer Science and Cybersecurity
  • Department of Nutrition, Kinesiology and Health
  • Department of Mathematics, Actuarial Sciences, and Statistics
  • Department of Occupational Risk and Safety Science
  • Department of Physical Sciences
  • Department of Psychological Sciences
  • School of Industrial Sciences and Technology
  • School of Nursing

Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies

  • Department of Aviation
  • Department of Accountancy, Big Data Analytics, and Computer Information Systems
  • Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • Department of Economics and Finance
  • Department of Human Services
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Marketing, Public Relations, and Sport Management

Department of Military Science and Leadership

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for study at UCM for international students are available to view in full on the university's website. Students will be expected to submit proof of their high school education or equivalent as part of their application. There is an international student application form to fill out which takes students through the necessary steps.

Students must also pay a non-refundable application fee, and they will have to provide bank statements showing sufficient funds to cover tuition along with any supporting documentation about financial assistance the student will be receiving.

All courses at UCM are taught in English, and so any students applying from a country where English is not the first language will also need to provide test scores for English proficiency. The requirements depend on the academic program the student wishes to apply for, and do not apply for students who wish to study English language at a foundation level.

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The University of Central Missouri offers contemporary facilities to ensure that students learn in the best possible environment, giving them a platform for the highest success. Investment in the university facilities continues each year, making sure that academic programs are taught in the best way possible.

Each program is given the best resources possible, including dedicated workshops, laboratories and other learning facilities where students can learn hands-on with the latest software and tech, meaning they are ready to step into their future role. UCM is the only Missouri university with its own airport, as one example, making it an attractive option for aviation students.

The James C. Kirkpatrick Library is the central UCM library where students can find a wealth of learning materials, including books and many digital resources. There are also dedicated learning spaces whether students want to work on group projects or find a quiet spot for their own assignments.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

While the cost of tuition at UCM can vary depending on a number of factors, the university is always striving to make education as affordable as possible, no matter the student's background. Students can see how the university's tuition fees cost compared to other private and public schools on the UCM website, demonstrating the great value that the institution offers.

There are several scholarship opportunities for students at UCM which help to make the cost of university life more affordable. Some of these scholarships are based on academic or sporting talent, while there are others aimed at students from underprivileged backgrounds, allowing students who would normally be unable to afford a college education to succeed.

There are also several international scholarships specifically aimed at students applying from overseas. These include options provided by the university and those sponsored by external sources. International students must provide proof of finance on application, but can still benefit from a scholarship to bring costs down.

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