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The University of Stirling is a global higher education institution, hosting more than 17,000 students from over 120 different countries alongside an alumni network that spans 170 nations. Stirling has developed a national reputation for quality and is currently ranked in the top 50 universities in the UK by the 2022 Guardian University Guide.

Students at Stirling will benefit from a rich academic environment that is built on a foundation of internationally excellent or world-leading research according to the Research Excellence Framework 2014, meaning they'll be studying at the forefront of their field.

Students will leave Stirling with more than just a qualification due to the university's outstanding performance across areas like employability, internationalisation, and inclusiveness, getting five stars in the 2021 QS Stars University Ratings.

The university is known for its warm and supporting community and multiculturalism, allowing students from across the world to enjoy a rich and rewarding student lifestyle while making lifelong personal and professional connections.

The University of Stirling's campus is a 330-acre site with beautiful green spaces and boasts its own loch. In this peaceful learning environment students can find great quality accommodation and recreational facilities, along with a wide range of food, drink and entertainment options.

With Edinburgh, Glasgow, the Highlands and the rest of the UK easily accessible by rail, car or plane, students at Stirling can never run out of new places and things to discover.

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What's new

What's new

The University of Stirling is always engaged in delivering improvements to its campus and has recently invested more than GBP 40 million into facilities across the university to enhance student experiences.

One of these developments is the ambitious Campus Central Project, which is the outcome after GBP 21.7 million of investments into campus infrastructure. The project has created a variety of exciting new features for students, including digital-ready study and social spaces, new cafes, shops, and a modern Student Services Hub.

A new building that spans over three floors and 3,000 square metres now offers students more than twice the amount of academic, social and recreational space to enjoy alongside new outdoor landscapes.

The new complex at the heart of the university now supports some of the university's most well-known facilities such as its library and the MacRoberts Art Centre.

A cutting-edge sports and recreational complex have also been recently completed, along with improvements to wellbeing and fitness facilities across the campus through a further GBP 20 million of investments.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Students at the Stirling will be able to succeed academically in whatever subject they choose, due to the university's commitment to quality teaching and high output of internationally accredited research (REF, 2014). This is demonstrated by the Stirling's placement in the top 250 universities worldwide across a range of subjects including business, economics and social sciences, as well as ranking in the top 200 for life sciences and psychology.

The university was recently awarded with a 5-star rating for teaching and research in the 2021 QS Stars University Ratings, in recognition of the high standards set across Stirling's academic faculties and the supporting facilities that deliver outstanding educational outcomes.

Students at Stirling will benefit from relatively small class sizes compared to other institutions around the UK, meaning that learners can expect to easily participate in their classes and seminars, share their ideas, and have close and productive relationships with their teachers. As a result, students at the university will find that their confidence, curiosity and academic performances grow as they continue through their academic journeys.

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Department structure

Department structure

The University of Stirling is structured across five academic faculties through which teaching and research activities are organised. Each faculty supports its own ecosystem of departments or institutes while driving internationally recognised progress in their fields.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

This is the university's largest faculty and one with a national reputation for gold standard arts and humanities courses.

Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport

This faculty is regarded as the foremost provider of researched-focused educational pathways for health and sports professionals in Scotland.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

This faculty offers a range of highly-rated courses across a number of exciting fields which are valued for their practical focus, flexible approaches and student outcomes.

Faculty of Social Sciences

This faculty consistently achieves a highly national ranking due to its performance and range of course options.

Stirling Management School

This faculty offers students an impressive range of globally recognised programmes that are accredited by leading industrial institutes, priming learners for success in their field.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

The university has implemented course specific requirements for entry onto a programme of study at Stirling. These criteria have been developed to help applicants get onto the course that is right for them, and to reflect the university's commitment to offering students the chance to achieve their full academic potentials.

In light of this, the university recognises a variety of qualifications both nationally and internationally. Stirling also understands that the student journey can be different for some applicants and will consider relevant professional qualifications, work experience and personal experience during admissions.

For students who do not speak English as their first language, proof of English language competency must be provided. This can be in the form of test scores or other evidence from a variety of qualifying bodies. English language requirements can vary by course.

The university has also partnered with INTO University Partnerships to offer dynamic options to students who don't initially qualify for an undergraduate degree at Stirling, giving applicants every chance to achieve their academic goals.

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The University of Stirling prides itself on its beautiful and well-equipped 330-acre campus site where students can achieve their academic goals. The campus is an impressive combination of modern facilities, cutting edge academic technology, environmentally friendly design, and green space.

Students at the university will find everything they need in one place, ranging from great value catering options to modern sports and fitness facilities. Stirling's campus sports infrastructure is state of the art and is the training grounds for Olympic athletes and students alike. The campus also boasts its own theatre and cinema which have a rich calendar of exciting shows and art-house films.

Stirling campus has a fully equipped NHS medical and dental centre that is dedicated to promoting student health and wellbeing.

Students at the university can fully immerse themselves in a rich campus lifestyle by staying in one of over 2,000 rooms available on-site. These secure, value for money and sociable accommodation options are perfect for students looking to have the full Stirling experience.

More than 120 student clubs and societies are offered through the university's students' union, and with a busy roster of events and activities students will never be short of things to do on campus.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

A range of useful scholarships are available to students who show academic achievement and drive to study at the University of Stirling, which can help with the costs associated with studying. Bursaries and other financial awards may also be available to students coming from a certain country of origin or financial circumstances.

Most students will be eligible for at least one scholarship opportunity, and some of these awards don't even need an application. Overseas students are automatically considered for the International Undergraduate Scholarship, for example, which can provide learners with GBP 2,000 per academic year towards the cost of their studies.

Students are encouraged to check the university's website to explore the variety of scholarships available, as well to check whether they are eligible before applying.

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