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Foothill College offers exciting opportunities for students looking to learn in the US, offering tailored pathway courses that encompass the first two years of a bachelor's degree before students can then transfer to any university in the US to complete their program.

Situated in Los Altos Hills, the college is right at the heart of Silicon Valley and close to both San Francisco and San Jose. The college is just a few minutes from the headquarters of some of the biggest technology companies in the world, including Apple, Google, Tesla and more.

Foothill is a community college that offers students exciting opportunities, helping to develop the next generation of leaders through pathway programs that are led by passionate faculty. Class sizes are kept small, so that students can enjoy a more tailored learning environment and increased feedback from staff, further enhancing their ability to learn. Overall, Foothill encourages students to fulfil their potential through excellent resources, contemporary learning facilities, and ongoing support.

The college is well equipped for everyday student life, and is a pleasant and secure environment. There are ample support services provided to cover all kinds of student needs, along with a packed events calendar to encourage an active and varied social life.

There's a big international contingent among the student body, and the international student staff at the college help create an enjoyable environment with tailored activities both from an academic and social perspective. Students coming to the US for the first time will feel relaxed and can adapt to the American student lifestyle in advance of joining a larger university.

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What's new

What's new

Foothill College offers an ever-changing calendar of events, and invests regularly into improving the services and study programs available to students. As such, the college is able to continuously offer students the best learning experience possible, helping them on their journey towards a full university degree and future career.

The most notable development at Foothill College in recent times has been the opening new student services at the end of 2023, bringing together the facilities students need including the Owls Nest Community Resource Center, the Multicultural Center, the Mental Health & Wellness Center, and the ASFC Welcome Center.

The new facilities will ensure that students can always access the help and support they need quickly and easily, whether that be help with mental and physical wellbeing, assistance with food, or just finding a suitable workspace, so that they can continue to focus on their studies and achieving their full potential.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

As a community college that primarily offers two-year pathway courses for students, Foothill is specifically designed to provide a bridge between high school education and university study, both for US students and for those coming to California from other countries.

This narrow focus helps to ensure that students always get the best out of their educational experience. Class sizes can be kept small, meaning students get more tailored support from the faculty and have more opportunities for feedback.

The learning environments provided are varied, with a range of options for different modules of study that are engaging, current, and taught by specialists in their respective fields. Students will benefit from faculty who are not just experienced in teaching but also authoritative in their subjects, and able to offer advice on career paths within that field.

International students will also learn beyond their subject, adapting to college-style education through tailored programs and activities so they are fully settled and ready to advance to the final years of study at university.

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Department structure

Department structure

Educational options at Foothill College are split into seven career and academic pathways (CAPs). Students can choose between the CAPs to find an academic program that fits their interests and career goals, best preparing them for their ideal major options at university.

These seven CAPs at Foothill are:

  • Arts & Media – aimed at students who wish to develop their artistic, performance, or communication skills
  • Business – for students who wish to learn the theory and practice behind management, marketing, finance and other business-related topics domestically and internationally
  • Education – various certificates and study options for those who wish to teach in their future, at various different levels
  • Health Sciences & Wellness – this pathway is best for any students interested in careers in the medical and dental fields, along with veterinary studies, public health and more
  • Industrial Technology & Building Trades – students who enjoy hands-on craftmanship will enjoy learning about trades skills and industrial work on this pathway
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) - for students interested in any of the classic STEM subjects through theoretical and practical study
  • Society, Culture & Human Development – a pathway for languages, literature, politics, economics and other related subjects

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Students who wish to apply to study at Foothill College can do so online through the college's own portal. Throughout the process students will be guided to upload relevant evidence and information to support their application.

This includes the official transcripts from a student's high school education. Students must provide the original documents in English – if they are in another language, they must be officially translated. Screenshots of transcripts cannot be accepted.

Students must also prove their ability to speak and understand English by submitting test scores from an approved body. These include TOEFL (61 iBT or 46 PbT), IELTS (minimum score 5.5) and Duolingo (95 DET), along with other options that students can check on the Foothill website.

Students must pay their application fee at this stage, costing USD 75. This fee is non-refundable. Students who require an F-1 visa must also provide a financial statement from their own bank or financial sponsor as proof of funds.

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Foothill is a community college, which is more than adequately equipped to provide an enjoyable and productive balance between academic work and social life.

The college has its own library, which is open for extended hours Monday to Thursday, and for limited hours on Friday, where students can access various physical and digital learning resources along with study rooms that can be booked. There's also a bookstore for students who need specific literature for the long term.

The college has dining facilities onsite for breakfast and lunch along with coffee shops, with plenty of other dining options in the vicinity. The college does not offer its own housing but will support students to find suitable options.

Study spaces are also available in the BIPOC Multicultural Center, providing the perfect environment for independent study or collaborative working.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

Study at Foothill College is not designed to be the final step on a student's education journey, but a powerful beginning to a journey towards further academic and professional achievements. The college has an established reputation for providing an excellent pathway education to students, helping prepare them for whatever their next steps might be.

Foothill is one of the top-ranked colleges for acceptances and transfers to the University of California system, and is the number one ranked medium size college in the state for graduation and transfer rates.

Choosing to study at Foothill College will enable students to best prepare themselves for their university life upon completion, adjusting to US teaching style and living in the US in the formative years of their higher education. Upon graduation, they will be perfectly positioned to transition into the final two years of a university degree and achieve the maximum success possible.

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