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Syracuse University is a world-renowned institution with a reputation for excellence based in New York State.

Located four and a half hours away from New York City, the historic university features a breathtaking campus known for a mix of traditional and modern architecture and beautiful green spaces. The university is ranked in the top 400 in the world by the Times Higher Education Rankings 2020 and ranked 59th in the United States by the latest U.S. News Rankings.

Syracuse is home to a tight-knit community, with a student body known for a strong athletic program and impressive level of extra-curricular activities. It is best known, however, as a world-leading research institution which places a focus on giving students international opportunities with a world-class education.

It provides professional programs that invest heavily in research and innovation, with experienced faculty giving students the attention they need via small class sizes to develop into successful professionals in whatever field they desire. Syracuse offers over 200 major degree programs and 100 minors to give students the chance to gain a diverse, interesting and academically rigorous few years of study.

Students at Syracuse can expect a welcoming campus with excellent facilities and a warm spirit which represents what the university is all about. The large campus includes housing so that students live and study on the same site and develop a strong affinity to the university. Students can also expect to develop a strong link to the color orange, the bright shade which represents Syracuse and is always visible around campus.

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What's new

What's new

Innovation on the Blockchain

Lee McKnight, associate professor in Syracuse University's School of Information Studies (iSchool), unveiled the world's first blockchain management course in 2017, when the technology went mainstream. His aptly titled course, Blockchain Management (IST 408/608), has since catapulted the iSchool to the forefront of blockchain teaching and research. The first half of IST 408/608 is devoted to labs, lectures and readings. The second half, inspired by the TV reality show Shark Tank, requires students to pitch original business ideas to a panel of guest judges. ''By the end of the semester, everyone knows how to write a smart contract,'' says McKnight, referring to code that carries out instructions on a blockchain. ''It's hands-on learning at its best.''

Syracuse University Physicists Develop One of the First Models Capturing Dynamics of Confined Cell Movement

Researchers in Syracuse University's College of Arts and Sciences are finding out more about the vimentin protein that protects the nucleus and DNA of cancerous cells. The team developed one of the first models that captures the dynamics of confined cell motility and shows how vimentin helps protect the cell's nucleus during migration. Their model sheds light on the function of a protein that is a major player in cancer growth, and their results could one day help researchers determine better ways to stop the spread of cancer.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

Syracuse University provides first class teaching to students from its experienced and highly qualified faculty. With a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:15, Syracuse has the resources and passion to provide a student-focused education. The university holds a relatively small average class size of just 26 students, with 60% of undergraduate classes having fewer than 20 students. With the exception of some introductory classes, Syracuse focuses on small class sizes which allow for insightful and deep discussion on relevant topics and give students access to the level of one-to-one support they need to truly develop.

Syracuse boasts teaching faculty who provide a huge level of academic and industry experience. They provide guidance to students embarking upon a research-based education at the leading institution and aim to inspire innovation, creativity and passion amongst their students.

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Department structure

Department structure

Syracuse has 13 schools and colleges, providing a wide range of programs.

School of Architecture

#5-ranked architecture school in USA, offering curriculum focused on creativity, research and problem solving.

The College of Arts and Sciences

Founding college at Syracuse, divided into mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences.

School of Education

National leader in enhancing educational practice and a pioneer in the inclusion movement, working to progress urban education.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science

Developing future engineers and computer scientists with access to nationally regarded research centers, modern labs and internships.

The David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics

Prepares students for professions that improve the emotional and physical well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

School of Information Studies

Original information school in the US and a leader in preparing students for fast-paced digital future.

College of Law

Law school with rich history offering small classes and impressive facilities.

The Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Develops entrepreneurial managers with programs built around era of global competitiveness.

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

Home of innovative teaching and research in a variety of social sciences and including America's top ranked graduate public affairs program.

S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

An established, elite school of mass communication embracing a wide spectrum of topics rooted in liberal arts.

College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)

Supports creative process and professional development, divided into six specific areas of visual and performing arts.

Part-Time Study at Syracuse: University College (UC)

Oversees flexibility of majority of programs to be completed part-time.

Graduate School

Oversees academic policy and professional development programs for graduate study.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Syracuse does not require international students currently enrolled in a school that does not follow the American system of education to sit for a standardized test such as an SAT or ACT, instead individually reviewing applicants based on their previous academic performance elsewhere. For those that don't classify English as their first language, proficiency must be proven. Syracuse does not have firm boundaries for entry requirements, but instead reviews each application individually. However, the majority of schools state that they prefer either a TOEFL score of 80, IELTS score of 6.5 or Cambridge score of 176 from applicants.

These guidelines are significantly higher for the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and slightly higher for the Whitman School of Management, the School of Architecture and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Prospective students should therefore carefully check specific entry requirements for the programs they are looking to apply for, and take the advice offered on the Syracuse website regarding applications to give themselves the best chance of being offered a place at the well-renowned and competitive university.

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Syracuse students will study at a magnificent campus which features a mixture of beautiful traditional and contemporary architecture alongside vast, colorful green areas and historic sculptures. Syracuse is known as one of the most picturesque campuses in America and is the backdrop to an exciting journey at the university.

The main campus, on top of a hill overlooking the city of Syracuse, is home to a range of beautiful buildings including the famous Hendricks Chapel, the spectacular Stadium – home to Syracuse's famous American Football team and other athletic matches – and the Schine Student Center. The Schine Student Center, completely renovated in 2021, houses the bookstore, box office, career services and a food court while the nearby Crouse-Hinds Hall looks after admissions and administration.

A nearby south campus is connected to the main campus by a short shuttle bus ride, although the majority of students will live and study at the beautiful main campus. It includes the old Hall of Languages, the centerpiece Kenneth A. Shaw Quadrangle and various other school buildings, which provide state-of-the-art facilities behind their stunning traditional architecture.

Syracuse also offers 21 halls of student housing, offering various options for students to live in engaged communities on campus. This helps create a convenient lifestyle of studying, sleeping and socializing on the same site.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

International students gaining admission to Syracuse will automatically be reviewed for merit scholarships. These come at varying amounts and don't have to be repaid, with a number of different criteria which could lead to them being awarded.

There are also a range of special scholarships specifically for students from individual countries. Syracuse is on the lists of approved institutions for various external scholarship programs which prospective Syracuse international students could therefore apply for, including:

  • Brazil: Scientific Mobility Scholarship Program
  • Kazakhstan: Bolashak Presidential Scholarships
  • Kuwait: Government scholarships (Ministry of Higher Education)
  • Norway: Norwegian State Educational Fund (Lånekassen)
  • Qatar: Government scholarships (Supreme Education Council/Higher Education Institute)
  • Saudi Arabia: KASP (King Abdullah Scholarship Program) and SABIC (Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation)
  • UAE: Government scholarships (Ministry of Education)

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How things are made easy for you apart from academics so one can easily focus on the studies. Moreover, there are many on-campus jobs available so one can fund for his/her stay and utilities.
雪城大學 雪城大學
Rated5/5based on1 student reviews
How things are made easy for you apart from academics so one can easily focus on the studies. Moreover, there are many on-campus jobs available so one can fund for his/her stay and utilities. Customer reviews:
雪城大學 - by, 2020-01-15
5.0/ 5 stars
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雪城大學 雪城大學
Rated5/5based on1 student reviews
How things are made easy for you apart from academics so one can easily focus on the studies. Moreover, there are many on-campus jobs available so one can fund for his/her stay and utilities. Customer reviews:
雪城大學 - by, 2020-01-15
5.0/ 5 stars



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