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The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is a true center for academic and research excellence. It offers students the chance to develop their essential life skills whilst they learn from some of the top faculty in the country, using the latest technologies to create the leaders of tomorrow.

The university covers a spacious 420 acre site and caters to 60,000 students both on campus and online around the world. Situated in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex, students are at the heart of Texas' thriving future and can enjoy a wealth of activities in the neighboring cities.

Not that they need to, as the campus is equipped with every facility necessary for students to succeed and enjoy their university life. Major sporting venues, excellent theatres, varied dining locations and outstanding teaching labs come together to create a vibrant hub of growth.

UTA is a diverse learning institution with students from over 100 countries enrolled at any one time. International students will find a campus that is welcoming and friendly, with support services available to help learners to acclimatize quickly to their new environment.

Anyone who seeks to become a success in their career will find that UTA has the staff and learning facilities to help them achieve their goals. With alumni going on to hold leadership positions at major corporations in the state and wider country, many have paved the way for UTA students to truly excel in their chosen field.

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What's new

What's new

UTA does not stand still, and is constantly improving student facilities and innovating in the ways in which it teaches students. As such, there are frequently new developments that keep UTA at the forefront of delivering education.

One such example is the new building that is now under construction to provide state-of-the-art facilities for the School of Social Work and the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. The USD76 million project will house the new Smart Hospital that will allow students to get incredible experience in dealing with various medical cases, along with housing room for social work programs.

Having the health and social care programs in one space is also by design, to encourage collaboration between the fields.

As well as the on-site developments, a new digital Master of Science in Learning Analytics program is being launched in Fall 2021. This online study program will offer students the chance to better understand learners, through the measurement and analysis of data around how they learn and their environments. Students from around the globe are encouraged to enroll.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

The quality of teaching at UTA is something taken extremely seriously. With 6,000 members of faculty and staff, UTA is one of the area's largest employers but quality remains the most important factor in hiring decisions. The result is widespread recognition of the excellence in study programs offered by UTA and the success of alumni.

UTA is ranked highly in a number of national and international studies, praised not only for its teaching but also significantly recognized for its research activity. It is also noted as a top school for various student groups including veterans and their families, African American students and international students.

Students who graduate from UTA, having enjoyed outstanding teaching quality, go on to occupy some prominent positions in global businesses throughout the US and further afield. Many of the leadership positions at top companies in the US are held by UTA alumni.

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Department structure

Department structure

The university has nine schools and colleges offering a range of undergraduate study programs for students to major in, as well as master's and doctorate degrees.

  • Architecture Planning and Public Affairs – students can enroll in courses centered around public administration, landscape architecture and interior design, among others.
  • Business – some of the majors offered include finance, real estate, accounting and economics.
  • Education – anyone with aspirations of teaching in their career can learn about curriculum and instruction, as well as educational leadership for the future principals and lecturers.
  • Engineering – various strands of engineering study are offered at UTA, including civil, mechanical, electrical and industrial.
  • Liberal Arts – incorporates a diverse study program, including criminology, English, theatre, history and modern languages.
  • Nursing and Health Innovation – the two main fields of study in this school are nursing and kinesiology.
  • Science – core science subjects such as biology, physics and chemistry are taught here along with psychology and mathematics.
  • Social work – covers various strands of social work within its bachelors and master's program.
  • Student Success – a more broad subject, this covers a wide range of topics aimed to give students various options in their future careers.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Students must ensure that they meet the minimum entry requirements when applying to study at UTA. For international students who have been studying high school in the US already, this equates to an SAT score of 980 for non-engineering courses or a 1270 for engineering majors.

For transfer students the minimum required GPA is 2.5. Students from other countries should submit their high school transcripts and any other national test examination scores that are relevant.

As well as meeting the academic requirements, students must have a good grasp of the English language, and they will be required to submit a test score which demonstrates their ability. Different tests are acceptable but as a standard measurement, the IELTS score required is a 6.5.

Students wishing to apply for a postgraduate course must understand that competition is high and that selection will be dependent on specific requirements for the chosen program of study.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

The total fees for international students at UTA are USD28,500 per year for an undergraduate course, or USD23,122 for a postgraduate program of study. These fees can be mitigated through scholarships, which can partially fund the tuition fees for students who apply and are successful.

Academic scholarships are granted purely on merit and are available to first-year students or those transferring from another study program. They are available at the start of the Fall semester and students can apply through the UTA website.

There are other scholarships available with varying requirements. These include direct scholarships, fellowships, and various funded graduate positions for postgraduate study. Students can view the full selection of scholarships and the criteria required to apply on the website.

Students who need further support can apply for on-campus jobs. These paid roles are flexible around study, allowing students to balance their responsibilities without being overworked.

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The facilities at UTA are outstanding, offering students every opportunity needed to study, learn and grow. Students on the West Campus can enjoy The Commons, a center for everything students need including various dining venues, study areas and meeting rooms and more.

The university also has state-of-the-art learning facilities tailored to certain fields of study. The Smart Hospital serves medical students by allowing students to learn all aspects of healthcare in a safe environment, rather than the random opportunity learning of traditional clinical rotations. Meanwhile the Nanofab Lab offers science students (and scientists from outside the university) the latest nanotechnology research equipment to use.

Students of sporting fields, or indeed any students wishing to take up a sporting activity during their time at UTA, will love the MAC – Maverick Activities Center. This USD34.5 million facility has equipment and space for a huge range of fitness activities. For students who prefer to watch, the College Park Center hosts basketball and volleyball games as well as concerts and lectures.

The Central Library is a place where students can find all the texts they need, as well as the chance to attend exhibitions. And the university's planetarium is one of the largest in Texas, regularly offering events and shows.

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