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International College Portsmouth - Navitas UK

United Kingdom


Located on the UK's south coast, International College Portsmouth (ICP) offers a flexible pathway to enrolment onto a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses at the University of Portsmouth.

Pathway courses are increasingly popular study options among international students interested in studying in the UK. If students are unable to meet the academic or English language requirements for direct entry to university, a pathway course can offer an alternative route onto their chosen degree course.

The college offers a specialised range of preparatory courses, aimed at providing a smooth transition from secondary education to a university degree. Depending on their qualifications, applicants can enrol on a foundation programme or an international first year degree which, upon successful completion of all modules, guarantees progression to the next stage of the undergraduate degree programme at the University of Portsmouth.

For those looking to further their studies at postgraduate level, the college offers pre-master's programmes leading to a range of master's degrees at the university.

Portsmouth is a student-friendly city of around 250,000 people with a large student population. It has a rich and visible maritime heritage and is a vibrant and welcoming place to call home. Boasting miles of beautiful beaches, nature reserves and relaxing green spaces, the city is also a cultural and artistic hotspot with many restaurants, cafes, modern shopping centres and a lively nightlife scene.

Students at ICP have access to all services and facilities at the university, as well as the ability to join any of the university's clubs and societies.

With 5,000 overseas students from over 150 countries, and a total of 25,000 students, the University of Portsmouth is a place where students can reach their full potential whilst enjoying a varied and enriching student life.

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What's new

What's new

ICP and the University of Portsmouth are prioritising in-person, on-campus teaching from May 2022.

Safety measures are in place across campus, and include:

  • Hand sanitisers in place at entrances to buildings and classrooms. This is to help students and staff maintain high hand hygiene in addition to regular hand washing.
  • Capacity limits for rooms and spaces around campuses, in areas where ventilation alone is not able to minimise the chance of infection.
  • Perspex screens at counter areas or other zones where students or staff need to utilise equipment in close proximity to each other.

As a result, students can feel safe knowing that their safety continues to be looked after while at International College Portsmouth.

For further information in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the college's dedicated microsite. To find out how the university is keeping student life both fun and safe, take a look at their website.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

ICP students benefit from small class sizes, which give more contact time between students and staff. They also offer a more personalised learning environment. Many of the ICP teaching staff have taught and worked internationally and are able to communicate effectively with students from all over the world, sharing their expertise and experience.

ICP and the university together offer students the following:

  • Superb academic and personal support,
  • Excellent facilites available on campus

A practical approach to preparing students for successful careers after graduation. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, ICP has delivered a blended and connected approach to learning. Students can use the university's virtual learning environment and other digital tools to engage with their lecturers in a mix of online and face-to-face classes.

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Department structure

Department structure

ICP provides a wide range of pathway programmes offering progression to degrees at the University of Portsmouth. The courses are designed with international students in mind and aim to further develop subject knowledge, English proficiency and study skills.

The college offers the following 10 undergraduate pathway programmes that lead to various degrees from the University of Portsmouth:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Architecture, Design and Fashion
  • Business and Management
  • Computing
  • Engineering
  • Law, Politics and International Relations
  • Mathematics
  • Media and Games Technologies
  • Property and Surveying
  • Science

Successful completion of one of these pathway programmes guarantees entry to one of a selection of undergraduate degrees at the University of Portsmouth. Foundation programmes can last up to two semesters depending on your qualifications on entry. International first year degree programmes are two semesters.

There is also a postgraduate pathway programme offered in the following six subject areas:

  • Business and Management
  • Education
  • Finance
  • International Relations and Criminal Justice
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Science and Engineering

Successful completion of one of the above preparatory courses guarantees entry to one of the postgraduate degree courses available at the University of Portsmouth and are completed over the course of one semester.

Students who undertake any of these courses will also improve their English language proficiency. Additionally, they will build a repertoire of transferable skills which will aid their university studies.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Applications for ICP courses can be submitted online. The college encourages applicants from a wide range of academic and cultural backgrounds and has welcomed students from over 100 countries since opening in 2009.

To join ICP, students must meet both the academic and English language requirements. These would usually be:

  • For Foundation: completion of Secondary Education, plus IELTS 5.5 (5.5) or equivalent.
  • For International First Year Degree: completion of A-level or equivalent, plus IELTS 6.0 (5.5).
  • For Pre-Master's: completion of a bachelor's degree or equivalent, plus IELTS 6.0 (5.5).

The language of instruction at ICP is English. To attain entry onto an undergraduate or postgraduate pathway, you must be able to demonstrate you have a suitable level of English proficiency. There are a number of acceptable assessment providers, and the university's website gives a comprehensive list of these.

If you do not meet the English language requirements, you can always begin your ICP experience with a pre-sessional English course these enable students to develop the skills required to progress onto their ICP pathway programme. ICP students also receive ongoing English language support throughout their college studies. The goal is to ensure that they have the understanding and confidence needed to succeed at the University of Portsmouth.

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ICP students have full access to all the same facilities available to University of Portsmouth students. The University's city campus is a hub of student activity, in close proximity to everything a student needs. The College offers a huge range of learning facilities, support services and social spaces to provide a learning environment in which students can achieve both academic and personal success.

Students have access to university computer rooms, study spaces and a state-of-the-art library containing thousands of books, eBooks, journals and online resources. The campus contains top technology facilities such as the Future Technology Centre, Bloomberg Suite, Motion Capture Studio, and many other specialised tech laboratories. ICP students also have access to the university's modern sports and fitness centre, which includes:

  • A fully equipped gym
  • Squash courts
  • Multi-purpose ports hall
  • Dance studios
  • Sports injuries clinic.

ICP represents a diverse and multicultural demographic, and there is a free and confidential multi-faith service for anyone to use.

ICP understands that finding the right accommodation makes a huge difference to the experience of studying and living in Portsmouth. College students have access to an ICP Hall of Residence and a number of University of Portsmouth accommodation options. Most rooms are self-catered with en-suite bathrooms and are located within a few minutes' walking distance from campus. Rent varies between GBP 90 and GBP 165 per week and includes wireless internet and all bills.

There are many food and drink options on site and plenty more within a five-minute walk of campus. If you want to travel further afield, the campus is well serviced by local public transport routes.

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Fees & funding

Fees & funding

International College Portsmouth works to ensure that tuition fees are affordable and offer a maximum value to students. It also maintains a variety of options to help students fund their studies.

Undergraduate tuition fees for the 2022/23 academic year range between GBP 8,300 and GBP 15,500 depending on the subject area and course duration.

Postgraduate courses cost between GBP 8,150 and GBP 8,400. This covers a course length of one semester.

ICP offers a number of bursaries, scholarships and financial incentives which are available to all international students. There is an early payment discount, worth 10 percent of tuition fees for the year, as well as an Academic Merit Award worth GBP 500. As a member institution of the Navitas scheme, ICP also runs a family bursary programme. Applications should be submitted online.

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Facilities at International College Portsmouth (ICP)
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