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London Metropolitan University

United Kingdom


London Metropolitan University offers a wide range of courses, led by experienced academic staff with industry backgrounds. Students also benefit from access to world-class resources, like their GBP 30 million Science Centre or their advanced Cisco labs.

The university's roots date back to 1848, but London Met is the result of a merger of two well-renowned universities in 2002. With two campuses based in the heart of England's historic capital, London Met students benefit from the culture, as well as employment opportunities.

Their Holloway campus in Islington, a few minutes away on public transport from one of London's main train stations, St Pancras International, is home to most subjects, facilities and the Students' Union. Meanwhile, art and design courses are taught at their Aldgate campus in Shoreditch, which is a 15-minute walk from the iconic Tower Bridge.

Whatever the query, question or worry, London Met is there to help students. They have an active community of international students from all around the world, plus dedicated teams to help support students with academic questions and their wellbeing. They can also assist students with accommodation, funding, visa info and career guidance.

London is an exciting place to be as an international student. Not only is it culturally diverse and exciting, but there are also a huge number of employment opportunities for students to take advantage of.

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What's new

What's new

Supporting entrepreneurs

London Met has its own business incubator, Accelerator, which is an initiative created to support students who want to set up their own business. It is a thriving community for entrepreneurs and home to more than 30 start-up businesses.

London Met Lab

London Met is on a mission to tackle the inequalities facing London, to improve people's lives and to deliver social justice.

The university is working with more than 600 partner organisations including local authorities, NHS Trusts, sports clubs, third sector organisations, higher education institutions and businesses, to tackle the challenges facing the city and its communities.

As part of their mission to give back to the community, London Met has several university clinics that are open to the public, offering cost-effective or free services. These include a pro-bono legal advice service, as well as an injury and rehabilitation clinic.

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Academics and courses

Academics and courses

London Met brings together a team of educators who are experts in their fields. Lecturers have extensive industry experience and are actively involved in world-class research.

Courses are specifically created to address skill shortages in the employment market. By working with numerous professional bodies, London Met offers many courses that are accredited by professional bodies. This helps graduates stand out when looking for jobs.

London Met's courses are also ranked highly by students:

  • 4th in the UK for publicity, National Student Survey 2020
  • 2nd in the UK for nutrition, National Student Survey 2020
  • 1st in the UK for theatre, National Student Survey 2020
  • 100 per cent student satisfaction for pharmaceutical science, National Student Survey 2020
  • 100 per cent student satisfaction for interior design, National Student Survey 2020
  • 95 per cent student satisfaction for sports therapy, National Student Survey 2020
  • 94 per cent student satisfaction for textiles, National Student Survey 2020
  • 93 per cent student satisfaction for accounting and finance, National Student Survey 2020

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School structure

School structure

London Met is comprised of six specialist schools, offering a range of courses. Students have access to high-quality facilities and are led by dedicated and experienced teaching staff.

The six schools are:

Guildhall School of Business and Law

Offering a dynamic portfolio of courses across business and law disciplines, students have access to several top-of-the-range facilities including a mock courtroom, Bloomberg financial data software and an interpreting suite.

School of Computing and Digital Media

Teaching high-tech courses including creative technologies, electronics, cybersecurity and journalism. Students gain practical experience in some of the most advanced Cisco labs in London, plus a newsroom and TV studio.

School of Human Sciences

Ranging from dietetics courses to biomedical science and sports therapy, students carry out practical experiments in London Met's GBP 30 million Science Centre, one of the largest and most advanced science teaching facilities in Europe.

School of Social Professions

Preparing students for the workplace, this school's primary focus is on employability. Many of its courses are endorsed and accredited by professional bodies to help graduates secure jobs in the public sector, non-governmental organisations or private companies.

School of Social Sciences

Led by industry experts who are carrying out leading research, this school offers a range of social science subjects including politics, international relations, psychology and criminology.

School of Art, Architecture and Design

Located in the thriving art district of east London, students have access to specialist workshops and equipment including digital manufacturing facilities and editing suites. The school also connects students with industry professionals to further enhance graduate career prospects.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

London Met's entry requirements vary depending on the course, degree and qualification. Students are encouraged to visit individual course pages on the website for more information on specific entry requirements. Students should also check on the specific documentation necessary in order to make an application.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate the requisite proficiency in the English language. Those who require a student visa may have to provide a Secure English Language Test (SELT), for example, the IELTS Academic test.

For students who still need to meet the English language requirements necessary for admission the university offers pre-sessional academic English courses. These courses are offered for both bachelor's and master's students who need to develop their English language skills before starting their degree.

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London Met has a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities. In recent years, it has invested in innovative technology that's designed to help students get the most out of their studies. This includes the UK's largest digital whiteboard at 20-metres-long, which can be accessed by collaborators from all around the world.

On top of that, the university has:

  • a GBP 30 million Science Centre which is one of the most advanced teaching facilities in Europe.
  • a state-of-the-art mock courtroom
  • an interpreting suite modelled on the one used at the United Nations
  • a newsroom and TV studio equipped with recording and editing equipment
  • a financial suite with Bloomberg software, just like ones used on trading floors around the world.
  • specialist art and design workshops with digital manufacturing facilities, editing suites and the opportunity to explore techniques and tools from other disciplines
  • some of London's most advanced Cisco labs

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Student support

Student support

London Met's experienced staff support students with a range of things, including academic, personal, financial, disability and accommodation issues. Students can find help through one-to-one meetings, as well as over the phone and by email. The student services team is matrix-accredited and was awarded the Buttle UK Quality Mark for Care Leavers.

London is a diverse city that welcomes international students. The university strives to create a safe and secure environment for all its students, staff and visitors across its two campuses and various sites. All buildings are secure and have staff on hand to help their students.

London Met also offers a range of funding and scholarship opportunities to support international students. Students are encouraged to visit the university's website for more information. The university also actively supports students in finding part-time work alongside their studies.

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