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Since it was first opened by Her Majesty the Queen, more than 100,000 students have chosen to study at Lincoln, from a multicultural background made up of 135 countries.

And those students are at the heart of everything the university does, with a real focus on excellence that is recognised in many national and international league tables and surveys. The university is listed in the world's top 150 universities in the Times Higher Education's (THE) Young University Rankings 2021.

Based in the East Midlands of England, Lincoln is a fascinating place for students to live with a history dating back to 300BC. With one of the finest cathedrals in Europe, a variety of shops and bars, and the award-winning Brayford Pool Campus, there is lots to explore. It's home to Lincoln Castle and the county was the birthplace of important historical figures including Sir Isaac Newton and Margaret Thatcher.

The university provides a memorable student experience, with over GBP300 million invested since 2001 to create a modern, student-centred environment.

91% of the most recent graduates from the university were employed or in further study within 15 months of finishing their course, and over 70% were in highly skilled employment (Graduate Outcomes study in 2017/18).

Thanks to the institution's strong links to industry, Lincoln graduates have gone on to work for multinational companies including Rolls-Royce, the BBC, HSBC and Siemens.

The university takes real pride in conducting research that is tackling some of the most serious issues facing society today. In fact, over half of Lincoln's research has been rated as world-leading or internationally excellent according to the latest Research Excellence Framework.

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What's new

What's new

As a modern university, Lincoln is always striving to improve the quality of students' life, develop the next generation of leaders and impact the world in a positive way. As such, it frequently makes the headlines for its new investments, partnerships and projects that improve local and global communities.

The university regularly creates new agreements with regional businesses to develop new talent and benefit from their experience, such as the recently announced partnership with SRC UK, a business that looks at intelligence mission data and that can work closely with the university's science departments to share resources and help create more employment opportunities for graduates.

The University of Lincoln has launched the world's first Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Agri-Food Robotics. The Centre has been established by the University of Lincoln in collaboration with the University of Cambridge and the University of East Anglia.

The new advanced training centre in agri-food robotics will create the largest ever cohort of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) specialists for the global food and farming sectors, thanks to a multi-million pound funding award.

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Teaching quality

Teaching quality

The University of Lincoln is renowned both for its quality of teaching and its overall experience for students. This reputation is recognised by various awards and league table listings, including being awarded a five-star overall score in the QS Stars ratings in 2020.

Students' success is key to grading the quality of teaching and the university was placed in the top 20 mainstream universities in the UK for student satisfaction, according to the National Student Survey. This demonstrates that students are leaving with a degree and an overall education that they are happy with, having enjoyed their time learning too.

As well as relying on the expertise of its employed faculty, guest lecturers are often used across many subjects, with leaders in respective fields of study brought in to deliver engaging, inspirational talks that help students understand more of what awaits them on their future career path.

Previous speakers have included the then chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Ross McEwan, former vice president of the Royal Astronomical Society Professor Don Kurtz, and Spacecraft structures engineer Abbie Hutty.

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Department structure

Department structure

Courses at the University of Lincoln are grouped into different schools, which are in turn grouped into one of four colleges that make up the main university departments.

The College of Arts has a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate study options for students who wish to explore their creativity, or who have an interest in the humanities. The college is home to the School of Design, the School of English and Journalism, and the School of History and Heritage.

The College of Science is home to a huge selection of contemporary courses with cutting-edge study programmes both for undergraduates and postgrad students. Schools include that of Chemistry, Engineering, Pharmacy and Computer Science, among many others.

The College of Social Science covers Lincoln's prestigious Law school, as well as others dedicated to the social sciences. Education, psychology, and social care are all subjects offered to students in this field.

Finally, the Lincoln International Business School is one that specialises in various business-related degrees, covering a diverse background of topics including enterprise, marketing, tourism, finance and more.

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Entry requirements

Entry requirements

Entry requirements for study at the University of Lincoln vary depending on the chosen course. As an equivalent, students in the UK are expected to have completed at least three A-Level qualifications or similar-level diplomas, with minimum grades necessary to qualify for application.

International students must provide the relevant evidence of a high school education that is equivalent to the same level of education for UK students. As well as that, international students must also be able to speak English as all courses are taught in this language. A minimum overall score of 6.0 on IELTS, with no module below 5.5, is essential. The university also accepts a wide range of alternative qualifications as equivalents to IELTS.

Any students who are unsure about whether their qualifications meet the necessary criteria for study at Lincoln can contact the university to find out more about their chosen subject, and to see what they must achieve in order to have a chance of success when applying.

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Scholarships & funding

Scholarships & funding

Students at the University of Lincoln are required to pay tuition fees annually, although these can be paid in instalments throughout the year if that is preferred by the student. Fees vary depending on the chosen course, the length of study and whether the course is full-time or part-time.

There are various ways that students can get help funding their course. Support services are able to advise on setting budgets, while there are various employment opportunities within the university and Students' Union. These jobs are flexible around course hours, ensuring that students can work and learn comfortably while earning money to support their living costs.

Various scholarships and bursaries are also available to students. Some of these are offered automatically to certain student groups and others must be applied for. Many are open specifically to international students too. Students interested in applying can learn more about individual bursaries or scholarships on the university's website.

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The main campus at the University of Lincoln is located next to the picturesque Brayford Pool marina in the heart of the thriving city centre. Steeped in history, the city is home to one of the finest cathedrals in Europe, a medieval castle and an original of the 1215 Magna Carta.

In fact, Lincoln is the only place in the world where the great charter can be seen side-by-side with an original of the 1217 Charter of the Forest. Lincoln is a safe, compact and friendly place to live and study. Everything students need, from bespoke accommodation, to shops, bars and restaurants, is just a short walk from campus.

Central to the university's commitment to modern facilities is the Great Central Warehouse Library. The space is open 24/7 for students to access course materials, find a quiet space or form study groups. It also provides some invaluable support tools, including workshops on CV writing and mentoring sessions.

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